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Riverside Design
Riverside Millwork’s commitment of 100 percent customer satisfaction has evolved into our company culture. We call it the Riverside Design and it’s a design-to-delivery process that collects valuable customer information, confirms our understanding of product specifications and translates the information to our manufacturing staff and equipment.  All the while, we maintain on-time service and installation promises.
Riverside Design has aided our experienced personnel to constantly improve our order accuracy and manufacturing efficiencies.  As the company continues to grow and evolve, we will continue to implement improvements to our Riverside Design, discovering solutions to eliminate waste – and reduce costs.         
Order Process:
Riverside Millwork uses a leading CAD software solution to design door and window products.  It is the ultimate tool for a high-end custom millwork manufacturer.  The software allows the company to provide customers with detailed drawings, and not just a close representation, to ensure order accuracy.  With this information, Riverside Millwork is able to remove the bottleneck of the early design and quoting stage.  Once the specifics are confirmed, the job quote moves seamlessly into a sales order.             
Manufacturing Process: 
Riverside Design allows our creative craftsmen to immediately begin filtering all the detailed data into our manufacturing operation.  The software provides specifications of raw materials that will be carefully selected from inventoried items, as well as assisting outsourcing special orders for materials efficiently, helping to maintain the manufacturing schedule.
Riverside Design software electronically feeds data of wood components to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.  The program produces wood components that are matched for specific accuracy and quality.  Now comes the fun part for our creative craftsmen: Assembly and putting the final touches on the Riverside Design.
Riverside Design will transform your home.



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